Artist Statement​

As artists, we are constantly searching for moments that connect us with the spirit and soul of ourselves, not for commercial or critical values, but because that is who we are, it’s the energy and curiosity that propels us through life, it is our purpose. We create without agenda because our muse is larger than our self.

In the public world of exhibition, the “Artful Experience” is a two way transaction; the process of an artist expressing his imagination through craft, and the viewer experiencing the work.

This is where things get tricky. Art is a deeply personal endeavor for those who create. Imagine if you will stepping out of the shower naked as a baby, and instead of viewing your body in the privacy of a bathroom mirror, you’re stepping in front of a thousand people. It can be a horrifying experience.

Art is a courageous endeavor. It becomes a dynamic environment filled with anxiety, excitement, admiration, envy, disappointment, personal tastes, opinions, critical judgement, and at times, hate.

In my forty plus years of creative work as an actor and musician, I have never adhered to the shackles of purist ideals in leu of discovering and creating an inspirational moment. The beauty of art is that there are no rules. “Technique” is the task of manipulating the tools used in the creation of art. Techniques are in and of themselves never the source of inspirational muse, they are a technical pathway to creating an artful experience, and if relied upon solely as the determinant value of an artful expression, they suffocate the artist and the work. I will forever prefer a beautiful mess to a technically perfect, uninspired work.

I do not consider myself a photographer by trade. My muse is curiosity and intuition. My creative process has always been instinctive and impulsive, I am constantly learning and evolving. With the world as my canvas, I seek to capture moments that inspire my eye to tell a story. Although my works start with a camera, they evolve as my imagination experiences the image and the story unfolds. I consider my works as photographic “Fine Art” – “The umbrella for which creative solace can be found from criticism and judgements of photography purists”, and there are plenty. As artists we often bend reality to induce an emotional moment; to affect the viewers soul in an unexpected moment. That is the art experience, the transaction between two souls, the artist and the viewer. Adhering to rigid ideals of “reality” and technical values creates a sterile experience, and are more often associated with a self centered purist approach in the creation of art. The goal of art is to inspire the imagination to dream, and is not a process of ego masturbation based upon technical prowess and critical judgement. It is my desire to create art that is emotionally accessible and imagery that inspires the imagination. In my work you will find a blend of nature’s “reality” and manipulated reality. As an artist, I’ve always been a rule breaker. In the creation of a soulful moment, one that resonates in one’s heart, if we must bend reality and break rules to move people, then I say bend until it breaks!

Thank you for taking the time to experience my works. I am blessed by your consideration and hope that something here transported your imagination to a pleasant, inspired, and peaceful place.

Live well,

marshal hilton fine art
Marshal Hilton Fine Art