Hanging your Artwork

The hanging of your Fine Art Prints from Marshal Hilton Fine Art should be carried out by an experienced professional. Unless specifically requested, all of our prints ( HD Metallic & Acrylic Face Mount Prints ) will be shipped with the appropriate Wall Mount Hardware for the Size and Weight of your print. ( Paper Prints are shipped unmounted )

For most hanging requirements we suggest the use of the following hardware to safely secure your Large Format, Marshal Hilton Fine Art prints:

3/4” Inset Frames ( Recess Mount )


Inset Frames are recessed from the edges of the print, so the print appears to float away from the wall when hung. We suggest Wall Cleats (French Cleats) for a visually clean Gallery style presentation.

If you have any concerns, questions, or special requests regarding the hanging of your print, please contact [email protected] prior to the processing of your order. There may be other options available to suite your design requirements.