Studio Collection

Marshal Hilton Fine Art Produces Limited Edition and Open Edition Prints.

Limited Editions

Marshal Hilton Fine Art Limited Edition means that there will be a pre-determined number of prints produced of each photograph. Once the edition sells out, there will never be another reprint of that photograph in the current Edition, Size or “State”. Marshal Hilton Fine Art Limited Editions come in multiple sizes ranging from 1 to 50 signed prints*

* Select MHFA Limited Edition prints may have a larger release count. The edition print count is displayed on the individual works page.

Each Limited Edition print features a digitally embedded signature and edition number on the face of the artwork, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Two identical serialized and numbered holograms are provided with each Limited Edition Print. One is affixed to the signed and dated COA, and the matching numbered hologram is affixed to the back of the print.

Open Editions

Marshal Hilton Fine Art also offers Open Edition Prints. These Open Edition works are prints that have no limit to the number of prints produced, released, and sold. These Prints are not numbered like our Marshal Hilton Fine Art Limited Edition prints.

On Open Edition Prints Marshal’s Signature is digitally embedded on the front of the print and we provide a signed Certificate of Authenticity verifying the work and sale date.

Marshal Hilton Fine Art Collectors Series

For the serious collector, fan, or Fine Art investor, Marshal Hilton Fine Art offers an extra level of exclusivity and collectability.

Artist Proofs & First Printing

Artist Proof: (AP)

With each standard image release, ten percent of the edition count are held in reserve as numbered and signed Artist Proofs. These prints are personally signed “A/P” by Marshal, and considered as personal property to Marshal. They are highly collectable. Each print includes a personal note from Marshal highlighting background story in the creation of the work. Contact an MHFA representative for prices and availability.

First Printing: (FP)

With each Limited Edition release Marshal reserves the first print in the series for his personal collection, or to be sold as the last print of the Limited Edition release. First Printings ( FP 1/ ) are printed using Lumachrome Trulife® Acrylic, a Museum grade acrylic backing are ready to display.

As with Artists Proofs, First Printing’s provide increased value of your print, are highly collectable, and can be purchased prior to the last print in the series being sold. Contact an MHFA representative for prices and availability.

Marshal Hilton Fine Art Panoramic Editions

Panoramic Editions are the largest of Marshal’s photographic prints. These sweeping images require a minimum of three separate panels to display the entire photograph. Each Marshal Hilton Fine Art Panoramic is numbered and signed by Marshal and are available as a Limited Edition or Artist Proof*

* Panoramic Editions are available on select Limited Edition prints. Contact an MHFA representative for prices and availability

Marshal Hilton Fine Art Collectors Editions

Collectors Edition works are exclusive, rare, and limited works from Marshal Hilton. These prints are slightly more accessible than his Signature Editions, with only twenty-five premium prints or less available. Each image is digitally signed and numbered by Marshal with a “CE” numbered sequence. Contact an MHFA representative for prices and availability.

Marshal Hilton Fine Art Signature Editions

Signature Edition works are exclusive, custom, one-of-a-kind images that have been hand selected by Marshal, and uniquely produced to customer specs. Print Size, Surface Mounting, Frame, Liner and Finish will selected by the customer to create a Fine Art piece that will be truly unique for the exacting collector. These prints are hand signed by Marshal “SS 1/1” and considered to be among his most rare and valuable Fine Art works. While Signature Editions are available to any collector, they are usually acquired by the most avid of Marshal’s enthusiasts. Contact an MHFA representative for prices and availability.