Fine Art Display Options

Print Surface Selections

Marshal Hilton’s high definition imagery is at times bold and vibrant, electric, with rich stunning detail and mesmerizing color. His Black and White works can be silky and mysterious, or bold and crisp with high dynamic tonal range.

In order to fully experience the High Definition Luminance embodied in his imagery, Marshal chooses to keep it simple. Marshal is a firm believer in quality over quantity.

He therefor has chosen to offer his works is three exclusive surfaces, each with its own visual characteristics and luminance, capable of capturing the exquisite detail and artful nuance at the heart of his photographic experience.

While Standard Size and Price options are displayed on the individual works pages for both Marshal’s Lumachrome Acrylic and Chromaluxe® Metal surfaces, we also offer custom single sheet print sizes as large as 60” x 144″, and in the event of a larger wall space presentation, Panoramic Edition three panel prints deliver an impact statement with their sweeping wall space coverage. If you’re looking for a print size not listed on our website, please contact an MHFA representative for print surface(s) and size availability, along with any specific details or questions you may have to An MHFA representative will contact you within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that custom print orders can extend the normal production time for fulfillment and delivery of your print(s).

Acrylic Face Mount Display

Marshal Hilton Fine Art exclusively offers Lumachrome Technology Acrylic Prints.

Lumachrome Technology Acrylic Prints are truly the next evolution in acrylic mounted Fine Art. Much like traditional Face Mount Acrylic, Lumachrome delivers the next level Fine Art print; unsurpassed resolution, clarity, and vibrancy, with an incredible 3D image quality that can appear backlit and holographic. Light that falls across these prints reflect off the face of the artwork and is visually trapped within the acrylic glass. When properly lit these prints appear to be illuminated or back-lit. Featuring razor sharp details that appear holographically three dimensional, with incredible deep shadow detail and fidelity, a Lumachrome Acrylic Mount Display is for the true modern Fine Art aficionado, the Fine Art collector that requires the very best for their collection!

Lumachrome prints are unmatched in both handcrafted artistry and visual experience. The print is first composed as an iridium infused transparency, then incapsulated between poly based layer and museum grade Truelife® acrylic glass. Truelife® is a crystal clear, scratch resistant and non-reflective acrylic glass that allows exacting detail and vibrancy to shine through without distraction. This masterly hand crafted work of art is then adhered to a second sheet of acrylic glass, isolating it from all elemental damage, thus offering us the ability to provide a Lifetime Guarantee on all Marshal Hilton Fine Art Limited Edition Lumachrome Acrylic Prints*

*Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects like: De-Lamination, adhesive failure and bowing.

Warranty will be void if the print is mishandled, damaged from accidents, user mishandling and/or misuse of cleaning agents. Print MUST NOT be displayed outdoors nor to be under direct sunlight for any periods of time. This also voids the warranty.

Wall Display Options: Float Mount Hanger or French Cleat

High Definition Metal Prints

Marshal Hilton Fine Art exclusively offers HD ChromaLuxe® Metal Prints

HD Metal Prints offer a uniquely durable print with vibrant colors, creating brilliant luminescent images and exceptional detail. Metal prints have it all, and are quickly becoming a favorite surface for collectors and customers who want to make a bold statement. By utilizing a Dye Sublimation Process, metal photo prints have a much higher brightness than paper giving enhanced saturation, silky tonal range, and an intense Dynamic Range. Marshal Hilton Fine Art HD Metal Prints represent a new technology in Fine Art for preserving photos, by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof, weatherproof and can be cleaned easily, just avoid direct sunlight. Please contact a studio representative for information on HD Metal Print availability. Some of Marshal’s Fine Art works are only available in Lumachrome Technology Acrylic. Metal Print Surface Options: High Gloss or Satin Wall Display Options: Float Mount Hanger or French Cleat

Non Mounted Paper Prints

Interior Design is a very unique and personal choice. At Marshal Hilton Fine Art we realize there are Fine Art collectors and customers that prefer a more traditional Fine Art experience. Metal and Acrylic surfaces represent a modern approach to displaying Fine Art that may not be a suitable design choice for your home, office or business. We therefor offer most of Marshal’s masterful Fine Art works exclusively on the finest quality Giclee gallery paper available. These premium fine art gallery papers are the perfect marriage to Marshal’s vibrant and vivid Fine Art imagery. The substrates that we use for our reproductions are all of the highest archival quality, being acid free and a balanced PH for the inks used in our prints. The main types of substrates fall into either materials for art reproductions or photographic media. Most of the material used is imported from Germany and is considered to be the world’s finest media.

Available Surface Choices (Paper Prints Only)

Lumachrome Luster Metallic Pearl

These prints simply explode off the wall. Metallic paper prints have it all and are a favorite paper media of Fine Art collectors who want to make a statement. Lumachrome Luster Metallic Pearl is a resin coated photographic paper with a mirror smooth gloss finish and transparency color layer. The metallic particles have a much higher reflectivity and brightness than regular reflective papers giving enhanced saturation, silky tonal range, 3D qualities, and a deep pearl finish for traditional use under glass.

Matt Satin Finish – Gold Fiber Silk

Ilford Galerie Prestige Gold Fiber Silk Paper features an inkjet layer coated directly onto a true baryta (barium sulphate) layer and fiber base to produce images with exceptional gamut for vivid color reproduction as well as creamy whites and velvety blacks for the unique look of traditional silver halide photo paper.

Gold Fiber Silk paper creates high definition images with an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties making it a must for exhibition quality prints. Ilford Galerie Prestige Gold Fibre Silk paper is perfect for color images with vibrancy and depth, or for producing a traditional black and white Fine Art.

Paper Print Disclaimer:

We highly suggest having your Marshal Hilton Fine Art Print mounted by an experienced and trained professional. Once our artwork is delivered and inspected, the Artwork is yours. Neither Marshal Hilton or Marshal Hilton Fine Art takes responsibility for any damage caused to your print in the process of Mounting and Framing by third party vendors.