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Marshal Hilton Fine Art Forest and Ocean Gallery

Acclaimed character actor Marshal Hilton steps behind the camera, introducing his visually stunning Fine Art landscape photography at the Forest & Ocean Gallery, Laguna Beach, Ca.


For actor and thirty-year Hollywood veteran Marshal Hilton, these famous words have been the countdown to creative “Go Time”; the process of storytelling and emotional discovery; living moment to moment in front of the bright lights and cameras of Hollywood.

With over one hundred credits in his Film and Television career, Marshal has spent most of his adult life in front of Hollywood’s cameras creating characters and telling scripted narrative stories.

With Marshal now positioned behind the camera capturing nature’s unscripted perfection, we get to visualize how this intensely creative artist experiences and documents nature’s moments with his unique perspective, vibrant colors, vivid detail, and eloquent soulful storytelling, presented in his Limited Edition Marshal Hilton Fine Art Collection prints.

“We just installed six 40″ x 60″ Limited Edition acrylic prints from my collection at Forest & Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach, and they look phenomenal, they literally explode off the wall and will change the energy of any environment, be it your home or business. I couldn’t be happier”

Forest & Ocean Gallery owner Ludo Leideritz is quoted:

“These works are resplendent, true vision went into these images. Ansel Adams was the proponent of “pre-visualization” before you even click the shutter. Marshal’s work clearly shows this ability to create the compelling image before it is even taken.”

As Marshal states, “The emotional goal of any artful endeavor is to inspire the imagination to dream, initiate a soulful moment in one’s heart that inspires curiosity; to create an image that connects on such a deep level that people would desire to bring the transformative energy of my work into their lives; a daily reminder to take a short moment each and every day to stop, breathe, and honor their dreams. If I can provide that moment through my work, then I’ve contributed in some way to a healthy and positive moment in one’s day”.