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Grand Canyon | Desert View | Cretaceous Limited Edition | Panorama Fine Art Landscape Print | Desert View, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The simple answer is, Yes, absolutely. And the beauty of it, is that you can go anywhere on the planet you desire. Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography provides a vacation for the mind; a precious moment to es- cape the pressures of our stress filled life’s duties. That’s the amazing ef- fect that masterfully created fine art landscape and nature prints can pro- vide in your life, your home or your office.

Malibu Sunrise | Platinum Rising Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Print | Leo Carrillo State Beach, Malibu
“Platinum Rising” – Limited Edition of 50 prints
Platinum Rising presents the essence of calming stillness, as the rising sun peeks through the steely blue morning clouds along the pristine Malibu coast.

I often hear from customers that have purchased my Limited Edition Nature Prints that the energy in their room as completely changed. The imagery they purchased has transformed what was a “livable environment” into an extraordinary environment; a room that captivates their attention and fills their soul with imagination and dreams.
Some people purchase my landscape prints to remind them of a place they hold dear in their heart, or a place that they aspire to experience in person one day. Regardless of the reason they acquire one of my Fine Art prints, there’s one thing I know for certain, the imagery connected with their soul on a deep level. The connection was so strong that they wanted to have that energy close to them for the rest of their lives. That is what we artists live for, a visceral and emotional connection with those who love and support our work.

The Verde Valley, Sedona Arizona (Coming Soon)


Collectors and Fine Art Photography Enthusiasts love landscape and nature photography. It is my endeavor to capture, document and present the most beautiful places in the world; to recreate the spirit and essence of time, place and moment; too encapsulate the memories of having traveled there, or to inspire the dreams of one day visiting again.

One of the many challenges with photographing iconic locations is how do I present something familiar to millions of eyes with a unique and artful presentation? For me it comes down to several key elements: Perspective, Composition, Transitions, Color, Texture, Post-Processing and Story.
My eye naturally gravitates to bold vibrant colors, I love fine art photography prints that explode off the wall, demanding attention.

“Bonsai” – Limited Edition of 50 prints ( Coming Soon )
Iconic to the South Lake Tahoe shore, Bonsai Rock personifies the relentless forces of nature. I chose to use the three partially submerged rocks as a leading line into the image while using a ten stop Neutral Density Filter to smooth the water into a milky white cloud.

Some subjects lend themselves to this bold style of acrylic print presentation, others require a more sensual and delicate touch. In the end, the image will dictate the process, how it chooses to reveal itself. I can massage and introduce light, texture, and visual transitions, but at some point the image will push back as if to say, “This is what I am in this moment,” and it either works or it does not.

“Serenita” A Winters Walk – Limited Edition of 50 Prints ( Coming Soon )

Colorado in winter in magical. “…And as he walked through the meadows blanketed in white, up the hills draped with snow-bowed branches, through a world enveloped in delicious quietude and covered in a pure elastic heaven”, American Author Henry David Thoreau believed that “every walk is a sort of crusade, a return to the invaluable inward focus which winter alone invites — a quiet conquest of one’s interior world…”

Some locations only offer up very few perspectives, so you end up having to focus on unconventional shooting decisions and creative post processing to present a fine art print that is captivating and unique.

CCLXX | Horseshoe Bend Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Print | Grand Canyon South Rim, Page Arizona
“CCLXX” – Horseshoe Bend, Arizona – Limited Edition of 50 Prints
Standing at the edge of a sheer one thousand foot cliff captivates ones attention immediately. The size and dimension of Horseshoe Bend takes the moment to a completely different level. How do you present the subject of millions of photographs with a unique presentation? There’s really only one angle to effectively capture its majestic symmetry. I wanted to get an image that featured the foreground rather than just the standard river and horizon shot. In order to accomplish the task, I shot ten separate portrait images in a Pano – Five featuring the foreground, five featuring the horizon, then stitched them together in Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ve yet to see another image of Horseshoe Bend with this foreground to background dimension.

Other subjects that are more unique to the world offer more compositional opportunities. And then there’s the element of good ole dumb-luck. Yes, very rare is the moment that you plan, travel and trek to a location and nature offers up the perfect visual moment. More often than not the universe takes a conspiratorial slant, and you’re left scrambling to salvage the day.


“Old 395”, Owens Valley, CA. – Limited Edition 50 Prints (Coming Soon)
On our trip back from Lake Tahoe we stopped at an old gas station on along Highway 395 for gas and snacks. While driving I had been eying the rugged volcanic peaks on the mountain rage in the distance, and was curious what they were. While we were gassing up I walked around to the back of the station and this scene greeted me. It was a dumb-luck “Sea to Shining Sea” moment for sure. I interrupted a local while sitting in his pickup truck eating his sandwich, and asked if he could tell me what those peaks were in the distance? He smiled and said, “…The back side of Yosemite,” making the image that much more memorable.

In the end it becomes an appreciation of the journey not the outcome. Yes, it is disappointing to put in the trip planing and execution only to end up with a handful of images that will never see the light of day. But I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing. As with any endeavor, you win some, and you lose some, that’s just life.

In my work as a professional Photographer, Actor, Musician, and Visual Storyteller, my entire life has been a process of exploring my inner creative spirit and expressing my imagination through the creative arts. My creative process is an impulsive curiosity, an internal search, a journey to connect with myself, our human nature and our world, while sharing my thoughts and inspirations through my art.

If you’re considering adding any of my Fine Art Landscape and Nature Prints to your collection, or have any questions about my work, I’d love to hear from you. I look forward to answering any questions and inquiries.

Live well,