The Zen and Purpose of Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints

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Scripps Pier La Jolla | Heavens Gate Limited Edition | Fine Art Photography Print La Jolla, California

My Story is your story. We are so similar that it’s uncanny, and yet, on the surface of perception, we appear so very different.

I have been blessed in many ways, as have you.

I have been cursed in many ways, as have you.

What makes us alike is our humanness, the world that we call home; the way our minds work, the struggles and worries that we all share in
one way or another as we dream and aspire to an idyllic life.

My curse, without question is fear of failure. Without this fear I would have achieved nothing in my life. As much as I hate the anxiety caused by fear, it has propelled me to continue seeking a path towards inner peace and self reliance. I have failed so many times I have lost count, and that is a good thing.

My blessing, is that somehow, somewhere, I was gifted the qualities perseverance, curiosity and storytelling. Failure after failure, both personally and professionally, perseverance was the behavior inspired by my fear of failure. I am an insanely curious being. I have been counseled by many that my childlike hyper imagination is a dangerous place. Imagination and curiosity as to the “how and why” things happen has forever been the way that I solved problems, and as an artist, it is my responsibility to share my ideas, interpretations and discoveries with people through my artful creativity, both as an actor, musician, and through my Fine Art nature and landscape photography.

In my creative life, my oversized imagination and curiosity has served me well as a storyteller. Art, and the art of storytelling, is finding the
words and images that trigger ones imagination to dream and ponder their lives through the art that they are viewing; be it a movie, reading a book, listening to music, or in this case looking at one of my fine art nature and landscape prints, we engage our imagination to feel a moment of inspiration, a break from the often hectic reality of life to rest our minds in a moment of peaceful dreams. The best way I can describe this artful moment is akin to taking a short restful power nap; the quieting of the mind in a moment of dream-like inspiration calms the spirit, lowers your pulse rate, and allows us to stop, breathe, and take note of our blessings. Appreciating and experiencing art is a mentally and physically healthy practice.

Scripps Pier La Jolla | Heavens Gate Limited Edition | Fine Art Photography Print La Jolla, California
“Heavens Gate” – Limited Edition of 25 Prints

Now, I know all of this sounds like fanciful, esoteric gobbledygook, but I experience this moment many times a day through my work, and you can as well. I am blessed to get to roam around the planet standing in the middle of amazing scenes that blow my mind. Many times they are hard to capture because they are so intoxicating that it’s hard to concentrate. Everyday when look through my library of images, or when I’m working on an edit that allows me to re-live the
journey to that place, I am in many ways taking that short restful nap, disengaged from the “To-Do” list that dominates my day, after which, I feel invigorated with positivity and optimism that I am blessed, and that my fears are nothing more than a self created obstacles to finding the peace and success that we all deserve.

This is my purpose as an artist, actor, landscape photographer and storyteller; a bridge to you, your lives, your passions and dreams. Yes, I create fine art acrylic landscape prints and sell them, it’s fairly straight forward, but I would also create them regardless of any commercial endeavor. I create because my muse and imagination are larger than myself. I am wired with emotional and visceral curiosity; they consume my daily life and no matter how hard I try to push them aside, they force their way to the forefront of my thoughts; they insist on being satisfied, so I create. It’s like medicine for my soul.

I have been told by my customers many times that my Lumachrome Acrylic prints also re-invigorate the energy of their lives, homes and offices. They feel the healthy, calming benefits of these little “daydreams” throughout the day. They are able to transform rooms into places of calm and inspiration; they also enjoy the pride of exclusivity while sharing my fine art limited edition prints with friends and family. When I hear these stories I become overwhelmed with
artistic purpose; too investigate, to create, to share, to inspire your imagination to dream, and live your fullest life.

Live well,