Tranquility The Little Pier Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Print | Santa Barbara County, California
“Tranquility”, Santa Barbara California – Limited Edition 50 Prints

Scientific study of human anthropology and evolution concludes that human beings have a deep rooted affinity towards nature, which is due to the thousands of years early humans spent living amid vast wild landscapes. Because of this relationship, staying connected to nature brings a feeling of emotional balance and happiness. But for many of us in today’s modern society, the reality of our lives have become entirely different.

Today’s world is hectic and fast paced. We are bombarded and blistered by advertisers, images and mass media. Most people spend a majority of each day staring at computer screens, watching television or scrolling through smartphones. Our daily lives for the most part have become sedentary, with an ever growing disconnect between a healthy balance of daily life, and our evolutionary connection with nature. Further studies focused on our current living and work conditions reveal that living in todays modern society contributes to disorders such as depression, obesity, stress, and cardiac diseases. The effects of living and working in these environments challenge our overall well-being.

Angel’s Glow - Griffith Observatory
“Angel’s Glow”, Griffith Observatory, Limited Edition of 50 (Coming Soon)
Opened May 14, 1935, Griffith Observatory is one of L.A.’s greatest cultural attractions, offering spectacular views from the Pacific Ocean to Downtown Los Angeles from its perch on Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park. Iconic to the Hollywood skyline, spanning 85 years with her regal elegance and grace, Griffith Observatory is the undisputed queen of the City of Angels, a starring attraction to millions of movie fans and tourists world wide seeking to share a moment of Hollywood immortality.

The fact that cities and dense urban centers are associated with work, noise and chaos, perfectly reflect the evidence that natural landscapes induce a calmness and relaxation response because they have positive correlations with pleasant experiences. Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photography helps to provide an emotional and spiritual escape from the noise and crowding in manufactured environments. It should be no surprise to find that exposure to the outdoors or something as simple as viewing a beautiful landscape or nature photograph has a natural calming effect on our brains, which helps to reduce stress and increase positivity. Viewing a soothing nature scene promotes relaxation while slowing areas of the brain involved in anxiety. Furthermore, new studies in the science of color psychology reveal how different colors have been found to affect our moods and feelings. Longer wavelength colors, like the red and orange of a sunrise or sunset landscape photography prints are arousing, whereas shorter wavelengths, like the greens and blues of mountain, forests, streams and lake photography, are more calming.

Tropical Zen Island Sunset Limited Edition | Fine Art Photography Print
“Tropical Zen” – Limited Edition of 50 Prints

Take the cool calming color of a Blue Hour sunset, with the arousing hue of a golden tropical horizon from under the shade of a sturdy Palm Tree Palapa, and let the Zen begin. Every time I see this image I immediately decompress. I feel like I’m on vacation in a tropical locale sitting in a beach chair, a cooling afternoon breeze on my skin, and a cocktail not far away. As a Landscape and Nature photographer, my goal is to create fine art prints that teleport your imagination to a place of peace and tranquility; too help create a space that offers a moment to dream and aspire, too ignite the curiosity to explore our world in the short time we are blessed with this level of consciousness.


When documenting and presenting iconic landscapes and nature photography, it is vital to capture not only its grand familiar essence, but also explore its more intimate offerings, and research man’s historical relationship with the subject. By combining layered imagery and thoughtful narrative storytelling we are able to offer a deeper emersion into the essence of a place and its people, with a captured moment in time. Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography Wall Decor is the perfect medium to bring calm and tranquility to your home or work environment. Some of my personal favorite places to document are:



Sedona Red Rocks | Matk’amvaha Limited Edition | Panorama Fine Art Print Verde Valley, Sedona Arizona
“Matkʼamvaha”, The Red Rocks of Sedona, Limited Edition of 50 Prints

Occupying 714 square miles of breathtaking Arizona landscape, the Verde Valley is one of the most spiritual places in the American Southwest. At 4,500 feet above sea level, nestled at the base of the Mogollon Rim in the Colorado Plateau Region, the wind-blown Buttes, Mesa’s and Spires of the Red Rocks of Sedona are an iconic symbol of the vast American Southwest. Sedona is one of my favorite places to “be” and should be a “bucket-List” experience.



Grand Canyon | Desert View | Cretaceous Limited Edition | Panorama Fine Art Landscape Print Desert View, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
“Cretaceous” – Desert View – Grand Canyon”, Limited Edition of 50 Prints

The Grand Canyon is a geologic marvel. Standing on the edge of its many lookouts literally takes your breath away, as your brain attempts to digest the magnitude of its size. Although it would appear an easy subject to photograph, it is actually very difficult. Many of the locations are fixed and the canyon is very “busy” visually. Where do you focus? Who is the “Star of the Show?” In this image I needed to find a foreground subject and use the Colorado River as a leading line through the image. The only way to accomplish this was to shoot a Pano in portrait orientation. This image consists of twelve shots, six images of the foreground to catch the nearest ridge-line and snow from the night before, and six shots of the horizon to capture the burning Arizona sky and the Colorado River.



Deus Zion national Park Utah the watchman fine art collector print
“Deus” – The Watchman – Zion National Park, Limited Edition of 50 Prints

The Watchman is the iconic image of Zion National Park, a “Bucket-List” destination of photographers and tourists world wide. Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of images from the bridge over looking the Virgin River, but standing on the narrow bridge in person is difficult to explain. I’ve seen many images of Photographers stacked at this location jockeying for the perfect framing position. It can be a zoo. But on this evening in early December 2020 at the hight of the Covid lockdown, I had to pleasure of experiencing this moment completely alone, just myself and my local guide. The park was “officially” closed, but the locals know how to navigate the park. He told me that it’s rare to have a moment like this with The Watchman all to ourselves, nothing but the crisp winter air, the sound of the meandering river, and the pristine silence of natures perfection.

GARDEN OF THE GODS, Colorado Springs, CO.


spirit of manitou garden of the gods red rocks colorado springs colorado fine art collector print
“Spirit of Manitou” – Garden of the Gods, Limited Edition of 50 Prints

“…Nestled on grassy plains which lie at the foot of the Great White Mountain that points the way to heaven lived the Chosen People. Here they dwelt in happiness together. And above them on the summit of the Mighty Peak where stand the Western Gates of Heaven, dwelt the Manitou.” ~ Marion E. Gridley, “Indian Legends of American Scenes”.

Towering over 300 feet of crimson ancestral red, pink, and white Sandstone, the monolith’s and spires at Garden of the Gods spring from the valley floor as if being pulled to the heavens by the supreme creators hand. The energy of this place is undeniable. The moment you step foot beneath their watchful presence everything changes, your breath, your heartbeat, your sense of being human; you become keenly aware of our frailties, our mortality, as an overwhelming desire for greater spiritual intimacy rushes through your soul. Formed over 300 million years of nature’s evolution, Garden of the Gods is truly an angelic place and considered sacred ground by the Apache, Kiowa, Pawnee, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Shoshone and Ute peoples. It is believed that the red rocks had spiritual properties and their oral tradition describes how man was created in the Garden of the Gods.

Southern California Coast


“OCEANSIDE PIER PANORAMA” – Limited Edition of 50 (Coming Soon)

Southern California sunsets are the visions that dreams are made of. Littered along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway are miles upon miles of beaches, life guard towers, cozy surf towns and historic piers. California’s view of the Pacific Ocean is unrivaled with star quality vistas and a diverse desert costal landscape. With its mild climate and miles of beautiful coastline, on any given night opportunities to experience a view like this are a daily treasure.

“Scripps Pier, La Jolla, Ca.” – Limited Edition of 50 (Coming Soon)

Being a Southern California native, I’ve been up and down the Southern California coastline more times than I can count. I’ve had a chance to visit most of the iconic piers that dot the coastline, but there’s something special about Scripps Pier. Most of the old California piers are built upon wood pilings structures. But Scripps Pier in La Jolla is engineered with modern concrete and steel. The geometry of Scripps is precise, technical and elegant. And when the conditions are perfect you get to witness the randomness of nature against the technology of modern architecture. I often think that if the ancient pyramids of Egypt were built along the coastline of California, this is the vision they would offer.

“El-Titán – Coronado Bridge, San Diego” – Limited Edition of 50

Spanning 11,179 feet, Coronado Bridge is literally the gateway to Coronado Island and the Port of San Diego. This view of the bridge is from the Coronado Island landing highlighting its 80 degree curve path, a feature that makes this Southern California bridge such a unique and picturesque landmark on the Port of San Diego skyline.

In my work as a professional Photographer, Actor, Musician, and Visual Storyteller, my entire life has been a process of exploring my inner creative spirit and expressing my imagination through the creative arts. My creative process is an impulsive curiosity, an internal search, a journey to connect with myself, our human nature and our world, while sharing my thoughts and inspirations through my art.

If you’re considering adding any of my Fine Art Landscape and Nature Prints to your collection, or have any questions about my work, I’d love to hear from you. I look forward to answering any questions and inquiries.

Live well,


Marshal Hilton

Marshal Hilton

Marshal Hilton is a critically acclaimed, thirty year veteran character actor from Los Angeles, California with over a hundred professional Film & Television credits. He’s also a masterful Fine Art Landscape Photographer and storyteller.

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